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    Minimalist Christmas Decor // DIY

    This year, I really got into minimalism. I love how it clears my mind and can make me feel more relaxed in a space. I wanted to transfer this feeling even into decorating for…

  • FREE DIY tutorial for the easiest pom-poms using just a fork!

    DIY Pillow Covers // Plus Pom-Poms and Tassels

    Pillow covers are a really easy way to update a room. Since I temporarily moved back home, my bedroom decor from high school has been needing a huge change. If there’s one thing I…

  • DIY Tassel Sun Hat

    DIY Tassels Sun Hat

    Tassels seem to be everywhere lately and I don’t hate it. Here’s a fun and summery  tassel DIY  for ya! I’m normally not one for super bright colors, but when summer is just beginning, I get…

  • DIY Turban Headbands

    DIY Turban Headbands

    I made this headband that I had from an old bed sheet that I was using to practice sewing with. Bed sheets are a great way to get cheap fabric as you can find…