DIY Tassels Sun Hat

Tassels seem to be everywhere lately and I don’t hate it. Here’s a fun and summery  tassel DIY  for ya! I’m normally not one for super bright colors, but when summer is just beginning, I get really excited and start wearing the most summery things I can find.

I found this really awesome tutorial for making mini tassels using a fork! Learn to make the tassels from Flamingo Toes here.



I got the hat a few years ago from a random beach-side shop while I was on a vacation in Florida and thought it needed some life brought back into it. The hat probably wasn’t meant for this, but I have been wearing the tassels in the front and in the back! What you do will be up to you! That’s the  beauty of DIY and creativity. 🙂

You Will Need:

  • Small scissors.
  • Needle and Embroidery thread in the colors you choose.
  • A hat. You could very easily thrift one!
  • A fork.

The Process

Basically, all I did was take an old hat and hand-sew the tassels I made on to the blue cloth part. You could definitely sew them right on to the hat, you would just have to make big enough knots so that the thread doesn’t slip right out. You could also take a rectangle of fabric and tie it around the hat if your hat doesn’t have one already.

To sew the tassels in place, I made sure to pass the needle through the piece of thread knotting the tassel together and I passed the needle in and out several times before knotting it at the end. You could also add some Fabric Glue to better ensure they don’t fall off.




Fun and Summer DIY- A Sun Hat With Tassels!

Since learning to sew, I’ve been getting into all fiber arts and I’m really excited I can make these tassels now. I’m planning on also making my own pom-poms and some DIY pillows with different fiber arts techniques. What techniques are you guys into lately?




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  • Fern Coll

    When I read “a fork” I was like whuuuuut?! But totally genius! Much cheeper than the stores and looks just as good! This is so perfect for summer, thank you!

    • Hi Fern! I’m so glad you liked it! I know, the fork seems random but it’s so simple! You can also make home-made pom poms about of yarn with a fork! Thank you:)

  • Hanna

    Very cute simple DIY!

    I wanted to pop over and tell you hello. :)-Hanna Lei

    • Hi Hanna! Thanks so much! I’m emailing you now.

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