DIY Turban Headbands

I made this headband that I had from an old bed sheet that I was using to practice sewing with. Bed sheets are a great way to get cheap fabric as you can find them at a lot of thrift stores or get them from family members. Another benefit of upcycling a sheet was that these were SO SOFT. But actually you can make these with any fabric you want. You just need to measure around your head and decide how wide you want it to be.


//You Will Need//


  1. Cut out two strips of fabric that are the same length as around your head plus an inch or two for seam allowance. You can make it any width you like. You are going to be folding these two strips in half, so the width of one unfolded strip will be the approximate width of the final result.


2. Fold each strip in half length ways so that the “wrong” side of the fabric is facing up. Place pins along the raw edges to secure it.




3. Sew along the raw edges on the sides and ONE OF THE ENDS. You will need to keep the other end open so you can turn it right side out again. Tip: Use a zig-zag stitch if your fabric is stretchy. Don’t forget to backstitch! You can also do this with a needle and thread. It’s a small enough project that you can definitely hand sew.

4. Repeat with the other strip and then turn both right side out so you have two “tubes”.

5. Place one tube on top of the other to form an X. Then put the ends together so you have two interlacing loops.



6. Match up all the raw edges and sew them down. You can stop here, but I like to put another piece of fabric around this seam to make it look a bit cleaner.

7. Optional: Cut out another small rectangle of fabric in the same way that you made the previous two tubes. Sew along the raw edge while inside-out and then turn it right side out again.

8. You can sew the edges together around the headband’s seam, but I found it easier to just use fabric glue, which you can find here.





DIY turban headbands

I hope this tutorial was helpful. Leave any questions down in the comments below!


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