Four Ways To Journal Every Day

I have always loved to journal and write. In the past, I would fill up a journal with thoughts and feelings, get really embarrassed about it and in my terror that someone find it and read it, I would rip up the pages and throw them away.

Although I do wish I had those journals to look back and chuckle on. (The things you write about and are embarrassed about at 13 don’t seem to bother you as much at 23), I think writing things down has so many benefits in the moment.

Four Ways To Start Journaling When You Don't Know What To Write

Writing, for me at least, is extremely calming and helps me realize what my mind and my body have been trying to tell myself but didn’t know how to put into any spoken or thought of words. Something about writing freely really just lets myself let loose and i find myself spewing out words that I didn’t know were in me.

Writing things down is a way to make sense of things and to help things manifest into your real life. For instance, if I write down my plan for my blog, it helps me to realize what is true and what can really happen.

Here are some things to practice if you don’t know how to start or what to write about.

Free Writing:

A process in which you just write whatever comes out of your keyboard or your pen for at least a few minutes without stopping. Some would say not even to lift your pen or pencil off the paper. (or hands off the keyboard) You will be surprised at what you find you were thinking or needed to say.

Make Lists:

I like to clear my head by making the most random lists in a notebook. I’ll literally write a title at the top of the page like “Things I want To Buy For My Apartment” and then just brainstorm. Sometimes something like that as materialistic as it is can lead to more thoughtful writing like the one I wrote below. Excuse my messy hand-writing. I’m working on it.

Four Ways To Start Journaling When You Don't Know What To Write


I personally am more of a words person, but you may not be. Doodling some pictures or even abstract designs is really therapeutic as well. You can experiment with different colors and textures.

Four Ways To Start Journaling When You Don't Know What To Write

Buy “Prompt” Journal Books: 
I like the “Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal“.  I received this as a Christmas gift from my sister and I’ve been using it everytime I don’t know what to write about but want to write. I’m really bad at opening it everyday and keeping up with it, but I like to block off 20 minutes to “catch up” with it and fill in like 10 questions at once. There are lots of book stores that will probably sell it really overpriced as novelty gifts, but I found it for cheap at this link on Amazon.

Four Ways To Start Journaling When You Don't Know What To Write

Do you guys have anything else you like to do when you’re journaling? Any other prompt books like mine? I’d love to find another good one!


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