Creative Habits: How To Stay Creative Every Day

Creative ruts happen to me all the time. I realized that when I take a break from writing my thoughts down and taking time to do creative things, I feel much less creative. I seem to lose my own voice and am much less likely to chase after the things that make me happy and feel like my soul is radiating sunshine.

When I was younger, I thought that I wasn’t creative and I wasn’t good at anything. I thought that creativity and talent were something you were born with. But…that is the thought that hurts creativity the most.

Here’s the thing. Creativity is something to practice everyday. It’s not something we’re born with or preselected to have. Anyone and everyone can be creative. Some may be more inclined to do creative things and keep their creative juices flowing, but if you want to be creative all you have to do is practice is everyday.

There’s lots of ways you can practice creativity.

1. Journal Everyday. I like to keep a journal to jot down ideas as soon as I get them. I also have a note on my phone, but I much prefer real paper and ink. That way, I don’t forget them when I go back to my computer to work on something. Journaling is also a way that I find I can get out thoughts that I didn’t know how to say or express otherwise. Even if the only writing you do is blogging or work related, I highly suggest writing down your ideas on paper first. I did that with this blog post and it’s going swimmingly.

2.Read for at least a few minutes everyday. I heard somewhere that the key to being a good writer is reading a lot. That always stuck with me. It also helps you see from perspectives outside your own which is why it is so important to creativity. I made a list of books that are really inspiring to me for when I’m feeling anxious or uninspired.

3.Look at art everyday. You don’t have to go to an art museum or anything. I get a lot of inspiration through photography and I like to browse instagram and pinterest for pictures that inspire me. I find pictures can set a whole mood. Browse whatever kind of art inspires you!

4.Do Something Where You’re Around Creative People. Take a class or join a meet-up or even just go to a cafe where people are working on different things. You may see someone coding on a computer and someone else drawing on paper. Seeing what other people are working on will inevitably inspire you.

5.Find out the time of day your creative juices flow most. Most of my creative urges happen at night. For that reason, I try to establish a night time routine where I step away from my computer and screens and sit down with a notebook.  For you, this could be early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. If you get a sudden idea or creative urge, follow it.

How To Stay Creative Everyday

6.Go Outside. This might just be me because I grew up in New Hampshire near lots of trees and green things, but nothing rejuvenates me or changes my mood better than being in fresh air. Walks are some of the most meditative things if you let them. I love to walk through the woods the most. For you, it could be a walk by the ocean, through a park, down a busy city street. Wherever you are in the world, you can get outside and get inspiration from whatever your surroundings are. People watching is also great!

7.Create an inspiring space. I do have dreams of building my own sewing/writing/blogging studio with lots of natural light and plants, incense, candles, art, and a place to do yoga. But I don’t have that yet. If you’re like me, you can practice creativity in creating a small space for yourself anywhere. Even if its your bedroom or  just the nightstand beside your bed. Even if its just a frame of mind. Take the time to learn about the game-changing technique of mindfulness. Take time to set up an inspiring environment when you sit down to do whatever it is you do. Light a candle, make a cup of tea, put on some music that inspires you. The beauty of creativity is that this place can look like whatever you want!


I hope these tips helped. What are some things you do to stay creative or to get out of a creative rut? Where do you feel most inspired?



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  • I’d say that I have feel most inspired when i’m walking along the beach which sucks because I live no where near the beach although I think that just makes the experience more special when I do go. Lovely post by the way, I’m definitely going to try some of these tips x

    • The beach is definitely an inspiring experience! It makes you feel so small compared to the giant ocean. I’m so glad you liked this post, Katrina! x