A Beginner’s Guide To Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a quickly growing movement that reminds you to realize what you are feeling and what is going on around you. I am slowly but surely adapting this practice to my current every day life and I have felt so much more positive and motivated now that I have.  Mindfulness to me is the practice of finding the joys in each little moment through out the day. It can be in a cup of tea or in noticing the color of the sky outside. It can be taking a few breaths during a stressful moment to figure out what you really feel and need.



Taking this into account in the past couple weeks, I see more clearly my need to spend my days being creative, taking time to be mindful, and enjoying each cup of tea, each hour that I can sit and write without interruption, each moment that I share with someone I love.

I’ve read about some different techniques including breathing exercises, yoga, and mediation. Here are some things I’ve learned.

  1. Do a quick body scan: Be aware of your body and its surroundings. Feel your feet against the floor or your back against your chair.
  2. Stretch: If I’m ever feeling lethargic or moody, I find that stretching can instantly re-energize me and lift my mood.
  3. Keep track of your breath: Being aware of your breathing is really enlightening once you do it. Taking deep, conscious breaths in and out can really calm my mind.
  4. Unplug. Through blogging and just day to day life in the 21st century, I spend a lot of time looking at screens. I find that its really important for mindfulness to spend some time each day or even just each night to help me sleep, to do things that don’t involve screens. I read, journal, go for walks, do something crafty, etc.

Looking for a good read that’ll help you relax? I wrote a list of books that are great for anxiety and mental health (and none of them are self-help books!)

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My goal in writing blog posts about my journey with learning to be mindful is to showcase my moments in life no matter how insignificant seeming they are. To organize my thoughts in a tangible and shareable way. To even help or inspire just one person that struggles with stress, mental health, or who just wants to live his or her life in a more authentic way. I am also using mindfulness as a learning method to talk about self-confidence and self-love. Join me as I learn.



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