Minimalist Christmas Decor // DIY

This year, I really got into minimalism. I love how it clears my mind and can make me feel more relaxed in a space. I wanted to transfer this feeling even into decorating for the holidays, while making everything easy to make and affordable. Lots of these decorations use things that I already had around the house or from last year’s Christmas.

The most exciting thing is that I made a video! My first ever youtube video is up. I hope to use video to show most of my DIYs, but will definitely be connecting my blog with my youtube channel and vice versa.

I made lots of things by making my own pom-poms, which is surprisingly easy to do. I also used some old christmas cards to make a cute garland. I was digging white and gold this year, which I thought went with the nice and minimalist vibe I had going on.


Let me know what you think of these projects and let me know if you try any of them for yourself 🙂


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